Top 5 High Protein Foods For Vegan

Top 5 High Protein Foods For Vegan

Are you looking for High Protein Foods for vegans? Then here you will obtain a list of 5 Protein Rich  Foods for vegans. Proteins are essential for the growth and development of the body. Proteins are the building blocks of the human body. It is crucial for the development of muscle mass, weight loss, maintaining the sugar level, development of the brain, etc. Animal foods are rich in proteins so the non-vegetarians will get enough protein from their diet without any extra effort. But the vegans should be very careful to include protein-rich foods in their diet.

Top 5 High Protein Foods For Vegan

Humans require 20 amino acids to make proteins in the body. In which, the body can build 11 amino acids by itself. So we don’t need to take it through the food. But the human has to get other nine amino acids through the diet as the body can not make them. So these nine amino acids are called essential amino acids. Meat and Eggs contain all the nine amino acids. But vegetables like nuts and beans do not have all the necessary amino acids. So here let us see a list of Five High Protein Foods.

5 High Protein Foods For Vegan:

Compared to meat, vegetable source of proteins are easy to digest and gut-friendly. It helps to maintain optimum digestive health and also helps to many prevents gastric problems.

  • Soybean: Soybean is a rich source of protein. It contains all nine essential amino acids.100gms of soy contains almost 16 gms of proteins. So it is an ideal diet for vegans. This quantity is decidedly less when compared to meat and egg. Many types of Soy products are available in the market. Urban Platter Soy Milk Powder contains 400gm contains 49% protein in it. It is beneficial for those who don’t use dairy milk. So you can prepare 100% natural milk by adding 30gms of protein in 100ml of water and shake well to dissolve the powder well. It is equally beneficial for children and old age people. It can be used along with coffee and tea as an alternative to Dairy milk.Soy protein is also rich in Vitamin B6,  which is a member of  Vitamin B Complex

    Urban Platter Soybeans (Soya Bean), 900g is a good quality Soy Seed product from Amazon. It is not advisable to take in its natural form as it may cause some digestive problems.  

  • Chia Seed: Chia seed is another source of all nine essential amino acids, but the quantity of protein is low when compared to animal foods. But it is a blessing for pure vegans. Pure Organic Chia Seeds are healthy. It is available on Amazon.
  • Spinach: Spinach is another high protein Green Leafy Vegetable. One cup of spinach contains almost five gms protein( Approximate) which is nearly equal to the protein present in the egg. It is advisable to get steamed the Spinach before consumption to get maximum nutritional value.

Caution: Patients with kidney disease should not be taken Spinach because of its high potassium content. And patients on anti-coagulation therapy also do not take this because it is rich in Vitamin-K”

  • Pea: Pee seeds fall into the category of High Protein Food for Vegans because 100 gms of pea contains almost eight grams of proteins. Pea plants easily grow in your kitchen garden. The quality of protein in Pea is virtually healthier than Soy. Many Commercial Protein Powders are based on pea protein. People with Kidney disease or gout should not take Pea because it contains a substance called purine
  • Hemp Seed: Hemp seeds are rich in all 20 amino acids for the human. One teaspoon of Hemp Seed contains five gms of protein. Hemp seeds can be taken without cooking also. You can just add this to the salads or drinks. It is a gut-friendly protein as it is easy to digest when compared to other protein-rich foods.

Final Words about High Protein Foods For Vegans:

So vegans also get adequate amino acids or proteins without having meats or eggs. There are many vegetables which can replace meat and eggs. Here we have discussed only five high protein foods for vegans. However, Cashew, Almonds, Pasta, Teff, etc. are good in protein. Never buy Protein Supplements without consulting with a Doctor or a Registered Medical Practitioner. Amway Nutrilite All Plant Protein is the most abundant source of plant protein. It contains eight grams of protein in every 10gms of serve. It extracts protein from Soy, Wheat and Yellow Pea.



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