Five Health Benefits Of Yogurt

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The Health benefits of Yogurts are many. Essential nutrients found in the yogurt help the normal growth and development of the body. Yogurt is a milk product prepared by a process named bacterial fermentation. Here we are discussing real white yogurt with minimally added ingredients. The commercially made Yogurt may contain added flavours and added sugars. Good Yogurt is a rich source of nutrients such as Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, Probiotic and Probiotics. It is also a rich source of Vitamin B12. See the table below to see the detailed description of nutrients present in 100 gms of Yogurt.

Five Health Benefits Of Yogurt

Nutritional Amount Per 100gm
Sl.No Nutrients Quantity
1 Calorie 7%
2 Calcium 49%
3 Magnesium 12%
4 Potassium 18%
5 Sodium 8%
6 Protein 28%
7 Vitamin B12 25%
8 Fat 1%

Five Health Benefits Of Yogurt: 

 1.It Helps to improve Bone Health: 

Yogurt is a rich source of calcium. 100 gms of yogurt contains 49% of calcium. Calcium is essential to maintain the density of the bones. It should be replaced on a daily basis because of our body losses it every day. It is also necessary for the health of teeth. Yogurt helps in the proper functioning of Muscles(Muscle Contraction) and  Nerves. 

2.Yogurt Helps To Reduce Weight:

Researchers have found that Yogurt helps to reduce weight by increasing the fat metabolism of the body. Because of this reason, Yogurt is an integral part of every Healthy Weight Loss Diet Plan. A Study conducted by Dr MichaelZemel found that the three servings of Yogurt in a day can double the fat burn rate. The Greek Yogurt Diet is scientifically proven high protein low carbohydrate food which helps to lose weight. So many books are available in the market about the Greek Yogurt Diet. The Greek Yogurt Diet: The Fresh New Way to Lose Weight Naturally” is a famous book written by Dr.Sonali Ruder, an Emergency Medical Officer, Food Blogger and Cook Book author is available for sale at Amazon now.

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3.Yogurt is Rich in Probiotic: 

Yogurt contains friendly bacteria called probiotics found in the gut which helps in the process of digestion. The health benefits of Probiotics depends on the types and amount that we take. Probiotics found in Yogurt helps to improve digestive health by maintaining normal gut flora(Friendly bacterias found in the gut)

4.Rich Source Of Proteins: 

Yogurt is a rich source of protein. Yogurt contains 28% of proteins.Proteins are the building blocks of the body. All the essential amino acids should be avail from the diet which we take. Meat, Fish, and Eggs are the rich sources of proteins.  So non-Vegans will get adequate proteins from their food. A vegan diet contains less amount of protein compared to a non-vegan diet. So vegans should ensure that they are getting enough protein from the Diet. High protein diet for vegans should include yogurt as it is a rich source of Proteins. Researchers have proven that taking yogurt can help to prevent gastric problems like gas.

5.Improves immunity:

The VItamins, Minerals, and Probiotics found in Yogurt have found to enhance protection in several studies. Another study suggests that the probiotics decrease the course of treatment and make a recovery from disease faster.

The Final Words About The Health Benefits of Yogurt.

These are the five health benefits of Yogurt. It is very easy to serve and eat. It also helps to maintain normal vaginal pH for women with Vaginitis and Diabetes. Including Yogurt in the diet benefit you in several ways. It is comparatively cheap when compared to Meat. Vegans should include it in the food as it is high in Protein. Yougurt is not only an easy to digest food but also helps the process of digestion. But you should take special care while buying from the market.

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Points to Remember While Choosing Yogurt:

Following points should be kept in mind while you purchase Yogurt from the market:

  1.  Always choose low-fat Yogurt. Fat ranges from 0.5% to 2% is considered as low-fat Yogurt.
  2. Avoid sweetened yogurts.
  3. Choose Moderate Protein Yogurts.



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